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Multi Auto Mall
You hear a lot of car dealers brag about being 'family-owned' these days; even when the 'family' doesn't have a lot to do with the daily operations. Multi Chevrolet/Multi Subaru/Saturn of Green Brook/Saturn of Union New Jersey not only talks the talk, they've been walking the walk since 1968. That's the year James V. Tino opened the doors of his own dealership. If you think that Jim Tino's forty years of hands-on Chevy dealing experience makes the Multi Auto Mall a great place to buy, add this tidbit to the discussion: Jim started as a parts truck driver at the same location in 1952! When you work your way from the bottom up to the owner, you learn every detail about what makes a dealership tick.
New Generation... Same Values.
Cue Jim Tino Jr., who currently keeps the family tradition of personally seeing to it that every Multi Auto Mall customer feels like they're part of the family. And before you think that those reins were handed over lightly, like his dad before him, Jim Jr. started at the bottom... washing cars on the lot at age nine!
Family-Owned and Operated.
That's not just a marketing phrase to this family! What do you learn over decades of successfully selling Chevys? According to Jim Tino Jr., "You learn that there's no gimmick that will ever measure up to these simple rules: Provide a pleasant, honest, and satisfying buying experience. That's it. No bells & whistles. No dog & pony show. That's the reason that New Jersey buyers have made the Multi Auto Mall a winner for over four decades. When you factor in Multi's superior service department, their gigantic selection of in-stock new and pre-owned vehicles, financing custom-designed to fit every budget, and a credit department that guarantees approval for every qualified customer, it's easy to see why the Multi Auto Mall is a consistent Chevrolet Mark of Excellence Award-winning dealership.